Use of Driven by UMN Discovery for Licensees

General brand guidelines for Driven by UMN Discovery marks for University of Minnesota Technology Commercialization.

6 Reasons to Avoid Using Web Accessibility Overlays

Discover why accessibility overlay products that claim to automatically “fix” accessibility problems should be avoided. Instead, explore solutions to help you design and develop accessible websites that provide equal access and interactions to everyone.

Navigating Privacy: Laws, Policies, and Guidance

Learn what student and employee information is considered public vs. private according to state and federal laws along with best practices in communicating to students, faculty, and staff while respecting privacy laws.

Communicating About Freedom of Expression on Campus

Find tips for effective and considerate communication when handling questions, criticism, or protests in response to freedom of expression.

Photographic Likeness Release Form

Planning to capture photos or video for use in your communications? Here's some guidance for what to consider and how and when to use releases.

Colors and Type

University marks and campaign graphics must use official colors or black-and-white, and maroon and gold must be prominent in all designs for print or the web.

Web Requirements

There are a number of required web header and footer requirements that need to be met to ensure your website meets University brand guidelines. Explore the resources provided to ensure your website meets brand standards.


Help with configuring search on your site, search results can be from all campuses, from a specific campus, or from a specific site.

Mass Email Requirements

Requirements, both University and federal, to follow when sending mass emails within or outside the University.

Web Standards and Best Practices

Find the web standards and best practices you need to follow to comply with University standards for website and applications


The Block M is the University's approved favicon, which is an icon that serves as branding for your website.

Branding Mobile Apps

When developing University of Minnesota mobile applications, branding can convey important information about the connection your application has to the University

Use of University Name and Trademarks by External Organizations

Use of University trademarks, including the wordmark and Block M, by external entities requires special attention.

Internal Mass Email Lists

Description of pre-built internal lists, including the Administrative Email List (AEL), who has access to them, and who to contact for assistance.