Gmail layouts and multi-send recommendations

Layouts and Multi-send are now available for University Gmail. See our recommendations for using them.

Commenting on high-profile incidents

We offer considerations when commenting locally about high-profile incidents that happen off campus and may affect members of our community. 

Google Analytics automatic transition to GA4

Google Analytics will automatically transition your Universal Analytics properties to GA4 properties in March 2023 unless you opt out of the automatic transition. Follow these steps to opt out before then.

Case Study: University Services monthly message format

University Relations adapted the University Services monthly message to an Axios-style format using Smart Brevity to improve open and click rates.

Use of Driven by UMN Discovery for Licensees

General brand guidelines for Driven by UMN Discovery marks for University of Minnesota Technology Commercialization.

6 Reasons to Avoid Using Web Accessibility Overlays

Discover why accessibility overlay products that claim to automatically “fix” accessibility problems should be avoided. Instead, explore solutions to help you design and develop accessible websites that provide equal access and interactions to everyone.

Navigating Privacy: Laws, Policies, and Guidance

Learn what student and employee information is considered public vs. private according to state and federal laws along with best practices in communicating to students, faculty, and staff while respecting privacy laws.

Communicating About Freedom of Expression on Campus

Find tips for effective and considerate communication when handling questions, criticism, or protests in response to freedom of expression.

Photographic Likeness Release Form

Planning to capture photos or video for use in your communications? Here's some guidance for what to consider and how and when to use releases.